Bulk SMS

Transactional Route, Promotional Route, OTP Route

Promotional SMS

Quantity Rate Amount
5,000 SMS25 Paise 1,250.00
10,000 SMS22 Paise 2,200.00
25,000 SMS19 Paise 4,750.00
50,000 SMS17 Paise 8,500.00
1,00,000 SMS15 Paise 15,000.00
5,00,000 SMS14 Paise 70,000.00
10,00,000 SMS12 Paise 1,20,000.00
50,00,000 SMS11 Paise 5,50,000.00
  • 9 AM – 9 PM only delivery
  • No Delivery on DND/NDCR Numbers
  • Auto filtereration of DND/NDCR Numbers
  • Less priority over other routes
  • Any kind of SMS can be sent
  • No Sender ID on less than 5 Lac volume)
  • Above Rate is excluding Service Tax

Transactional SMS

Quantity Rate Amount
5,000 SMS30 Paise 1,500.00
10,000 SMS25 Paise 2,500.00
25,000 SMS20 Paise 5,000.00
50,000 SMS18 Paise 9,000.00
1,00,000 SMS16 Paise 16,000.00
5,00,000 SMS15 Paise 75,000.00
10,00,000 SMS14 Paise 1,40,000.00
50,00,000 SMS12 Paise 6,00,000.00
  • 24 X 7 Delivery
  • Priority delivery over Promotional Route
  • Delivery on all numbers including DND/NDCR
  • Messages containing Information/Transaction only can be sent
  • Dynamic SENDER ID will be provided
  • All kind of Promotional activity is strictly restricted
  • Above Rate is excluding Service Tax

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Enable SMS notifications in your Application. Directly send SMS from Google Spreadsheet & Excel or Integrate with Magento, Wordpress, Woocomerce, Busy Accounting & WHMCS.
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Android App

Manage your account using the Android App available at Playstore. We also provide app for Windows and Apple platform. All needed Panel feature are available.
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Multi-Lingual Support

Option to send messages in English or UNICODE (Regional Languages) such as Hindi / Bangla / Punjabi / Marathi. A total of 18 languages is supported.

Track SMS & History

Track every SMS passing under your nose. See the status of running campaigns, the route from which the messages have been sent, and so on.

Best In Class Panel

Manage everyone under you. Add/Reduce balance, add price per SMS, sort clients according to your need and what not!

Robust Infrastructure

The architecture of our server is designed to scale millions of SMS in a go. We treat every single SMS like it’s the only one.

Style Switcher

12 Color Skins Top Bar Color Layout Style Patterns for Boxed Version